The Scoop on Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: What You Need to Know

Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s buzzing in conversations everywhere – gender-neutral bathrooms. We know that a lot of people feel passionate about this topic, so it is important that we have open minded conversations and make sure we have all the facts. What Are Gender-Neutral Bathrooms, Anyway? Gender-neutral bathrooms are spaces where anyone, […]

Having Sex for the First Time

Every life is full of firsts! And for many, the first time you have sex is one of the most exciting and potentially daunting… Many people feel nervous before having sex for the first time. This is completely natural. Doing anything for the first time can be scary – and sex is no different! Sex […]

It’s OK to Say No: Empowering Your Sexual Health Journey

We’re diving into a topic that’s crucial for all of us: sexual health and the power of saying NO. It’s essential to embrace our right to say NO when it comes to anything that involves our bodies and emotions. Consent: The Captain of the Ship Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about the […]

School’s out – how to get your sexual health support this summer

It’s that much awaited time of the year – Uni, college and school have come to a close and you’re out enjoying the summer weather with your friends and partners. Whether you are chilling at home, out partying or enjoying live music at festivals, it’s important to know there is support out there for you […]

What is upskirting and what do you need to know?

Upskirting is a term which describes the act of taking sexually intrusive photographs or videos under someone’s clothing without their permission. It often goes undetected or occurs in a crowded public place, making it hard for the victim to know they’ve been photographed or videoed. As a broader definition, upskirting can also include any indecent […]

What is the contraceptive pill and how do I access it?

The contraceptive pill – often referred to as just ‘the pill’ – is a method of birth control which uses synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy. In this article, we’ll look at what you need to know about the contraceptive pill, how to take it, the potential side effects and how you can access it. What […]

What you need to know about sexting

In an ever-increasingly digital world, sexting is becoming a much more common practice for many. Sexting involves sharing texts, images or videos of a sexual or sexually provocative nature between individuals. It is most likely to occur in younger adults, but is also enjoyed by plenty of older people too. It can also be a […]

STIs and the over 60s

Sexual activity is an important part of later life, often associated with better cardiovascular health, greater self-esteem and improved mental wellbeing. While sexual activity can decrease with age, a large number of older adults still thoroughly enjoy it. Unfortunately, sexuality in later life can be subject to stigma, misconceptions and a reduced emphasis on safer […]

Emergency contraception – understanding your options

Emergency contraception is a method of birth control which can be used after unprotected sex or the failure of a regular birth control method. Here you can find more information on some of the most common forms, how they work, their effectiveness and their suitability. So, lets discuss emergency contraception and your options: What is […]