Suffolk Sexual Health Services is provided by partners across the county, delivered by Provide Community.

Here you can find more information on some of the services and support we provide to healthcare professionals and those who work with young people and the wider community.

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Here you’ll find a range of useful information, guides and advice on a number of subjects and initiatives. 

eC-Card Scheme

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Terence Higgins Trust Training

HIV and sexual health training

Terrence Higgins Trust offers training programmes to professionals working with groups which may be at a higher risk of poor sexual health outcomes.

As well as the following courses, they can provide in-house training tailored to fit your needs and time constraints.

HIV Today training

This half-day training programme is designed to update professionals on the latest developments regarding HIV testing, treatment, transmission and living with the virus.

Safer Sexual Health training

This full-day training programme is designed for those wishing to gain a basic understanding of sexual health and learn how to pass this information on to others. It includes sex and the law, relationships and sex education, gender and sexuality and STI’s and contraception.

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

Training and support to deliver LARC

If you’re a GP practise or other healthcare organisation interested in offering LARC in your local area, we can help you provide:

  • Intra-uterine contraceptive devices and systems (IUCD/S)
  • Sub-dermal contraceptive implants
  • Chlamydia Screening

We’ll support you with every element, including subcontract and related procedures such as payment rates and process, training prerequisites and data and monitoring requirements.

We can also provide all the training you need so your healthcare professionals can administer LARC or update their knowledge. Our training is linked to national accreditation through the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

Upcoming Training Sessions

No current training sessions available

Help Young People Access FREE Condoms

Free condoms and lube for young people aged 16-24

By being a part of our eC-Card campaign, you can help young people aged 16-24 access free condoms and lube.

All they need to do is download the free app, view three short videos, complete a simple questionnaire and discreetly collect their free condoms and lube.

To get involved and help distribute free condoms and lube from your surgery, pharmacy or clinic, get in touch.

Help Young People Access FREE Condoms

Free condoms and lube for young people aged 16-24

Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) have created this session plan which is to be used in conjunction with THT Essex Healthy Relationships Video (001). This video has been created for Sexual Health Week 2023, however this video can also be used outside of this time frame.

This video will require support from a classroom facilitator, who will need to stop and start the video upon THT instructions, to allow for conversations / activities to take place.

Resources Required
Each young person will require a piece of a4 paper and a pen.
The lesson plan below allows for a 55 minute lesson, however this could also be used for a 45 minute session if you reduce the time for activities.

Session Aims
For young people to better understand signs of a healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Learning Objective
By the end of the session young people will be able to name 3 red flags in a relationship, and 3 green flags in a relationship.
By the end of the session young people will know where and how to seek help and advice around relationships.

THT would appreciate if anyone who uses this resources is able to provide us feedback via the quick survey below.

We would love to hear what you thought of our RSHE training video. Please leave your feedback.

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