Debunking Common Reasons for Not Using Condoms

At Abbeygate Pride this week, Jess and Kim hit the streets to ask people about their common reasons for not using condoms. The responses were varied and eye-opening, and we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to address these reasons and provide practical advice. Here are the top reasons we heard and our responses to each one.

Reason 1: “Condoms Don’t Fit”

24% of people said that condoms don’t fit.

It’s a common misconception that condoms are one-size-fits-all. However, we offer condoms in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. Whether you need regular, trim, king, or even latex-free options, we’ve got you covered. Finding the right size is crucial for both comfort and effectiveness. So, next time you’re shopping for condoms, take a moment to find the size that fits you best.

Reason 2: “Sex Doesn’t Feel as Good with a Condom”

30% of people said sex doesn’t feel as good when wearing a condom.

This is one of the most frequent reasons, but modern condoms are designed to enhance pleasure while providing safety. The condoms we distribute are between 50-80 microns thin, ensuring minimal interference with sensation. Remember, pleasure isn’t limited to penetration. There are plenty of ways to have fun and stay safe at the same time. Explore different types of condoms and find the one that works best for you.

Reason 3: “She’s on the Pill”

16% of people said, “She’s on the pill.”

While contraceptive pills are effective at preventing pregnancy, they do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Using condoms in conjunction with the pill provides dual protection, ensuring you’re covered on both fronts. It’s important to remember that sexual health is about more than just avoiding pregnancy.

Reason 4: “I Use the Pull-Out Method”

12% of people said, “I use the pull-out method.”

The pull-out method is unreliable for preventing pregnancy and offers no protection against STIs. Pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-cum) can contain sperm and infectious agents, making this method risky. To ensure safety, use condoms consistently and correctly every time you have sex.

Reason 5: “I Was Caught Up in the Moment”

6% of people said, “I was caught up in the moment.”

In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget about protection. However, once you learn how to use condoms properly, it only takes a minute to ensure you’re safe. Practice makes perfect, and having condoms readily available can help you make safer choices when passion takes over.

The Importance of Safe Sex

We’ve addressed some of the most common reasons for not using condoms, but the underlying message remains: safe sex is crucial. Condoms are an effective barrier against STIs and unintended pregnancies. By understanding and addressing these reasons, we hope to encourage more people to make informed decisions about their sexual health. For any questions or need advice, please feel free to contact Suffolk Sexual Health Service on 0300 303 9982.

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