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Suffolk Sexual Health Service Launches with Provide Community at the Helm

In a notable milestone for community health services in Suffolk, the new Suffolk Sexual Health Service, commissioned by Suffolk County Council, launched last week, on Wednesday 1 May 2024. This

Clinic transitional opening times for Suffolk Sexual Health Service

As part of its commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive sexual health services, Suffolk Sexual Health Service (SSHS) has announced transitional opening times for its clinics across the region. These

Polite Notice – Attending appointments with Children

Where possible please attend your appointment alone. If you do not have childcare, we recommend you reschedule your appointment to a more suitable time. We understand that this may not

Important Contraception News Update

Good news ladies, if you currently have a Mirena® hormonal coil in you can now safely rely on it as effective contraception method for up to 8 years. If you